Classics 2022

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To whom it may concern,

My name is Michael Coleman. I am the President/CEO, one of Nevada's most prominent tribute shows. I am writing you this letter in regards to bringing one of America's most prominent era's of music and entertainment to your attention. The Musicole is one of the west coast's most prominent upscale high energy corporate event, wedding bands that performs in Reno and beyond. At present I am establishing myself in Las Vegas and wanted to reach out to you regarding my tribute show and discuss a position with your organization.

So if you're looking for the best in corporate and wedding entertainment, then welcome to the Musicole website. You've come to right place.

Many genres of music have taken the world by storm, but There are a thousand and one Motown Tributes, Journey Tributes, Kiss, and many others who have made a major impact on American music as we know it.

Today I am proposing a new tribute show that I feel America needs. The theme of my show will be entitled “Classics” “I Luv to remember the music” A Tribute to the 70's & 80's. I was referred to you by several artist who strongly feel either one of my Tribute shows would be a successful fit within your entertainment pursuits.

My accompaniment are some of America's most talented musicians and vocalist. This show is accompanied by multi-talented musicians and vocalist. Our show has been configured to fit any venue IE: Corporate mixers, casino's and special celebrations. Additional information can be found at on our website at I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Michael E Coleman


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Musicole Introduction:

Musicole is definitely great music and entertainment for all to enjoy. These multi-talented musicians and vocalist are highly polished and professional. They keep their audiences absorbed in their stage performances.

The Band was formed in 1989. Through the years have gone through many changes. Establishing our place in the industry has meant reaching for commercial success through many musical genres. Our musical influences range from the strength of Parliament/Funkadelic to the smooth sounds of Earth,Wind & Fire. Many have said that our music reminds them of the legendary Kool & The Gang.

Musicole is a well-polished, high-energy show band whose audiences have been very well entertained by the group’s wide variety of musical genres. The Musicole name is was based on Michael Coleman putting together a show band with the same concept of a Broadway play. Where you never hear one style of music, and our live shows are for all ages to see. Anyone from 25 to 75 can enjoy and Musicole performance. There tributes to George Benson, Kool & The Gang, the late Louie Armstrong, Sam Cooke, are exceptional.

Musicole w/Michael C. Band:

This is Michael's normal touring ensemble. It consists of eight(8) musicians and vocalist who are all featured throughout the show. The music is quite diverse, crossing a broad musical palette from Instrumental Jazz and Latin styles, to Vocally Romantic R&B ballads and fiery Old school Funk. Travel arrangements include a three (3) man crew for a total of eleven (5) persons.

With Orchestra:

Michael has performed with the big band to rave reviews. These engagements allow promoters the unique opportunity to unite a symphony orchestra with Michael and a Five (5) piece jazz Rhythm section. For an even more special evening, after intermission Michael can perform music from his “pop” repertoire, orchestrated especially for small jazz group with Orchestra; or play a set of acoustic jazz with the Rhythm section. Travel arrangements include (8) persons.

The Michael Coleman Quartet:

For an intimate evening of small band grooves, conversation and inspired improvisation. Travel arrangements to include a two (2)man crew for a total of (7) persons.

Together these multi-talented musicians and vocalist have come together for the sole purpose of bringing the world the best entertainment they have to offer.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Coleman