Attending a Musicole performance is like attending a 24 hour party, and NO one wants to be left out of a Party!”

Project Name

Musicole w/Michael C.

Musicole w/Michael C. is the working name of a Rhythm & Blues show band presently being formed by Band leader and Director Michael Coleman.

Material: Fifty percent of the song list will be made up of rhythm & blues classic covers ranging form Kool & The Gang, Earth, Wind & Fire, and The Commodores. The remaining 50% will be strictly original material.

Musicians: Musicole consists of 7 multi-talented musicians and vocalist. Let it be known that this is not an all male band. It is based on a unique and powerful marketing angle allowing Musicole to emerge as one of the most exciting show bands in a very competitive market.

Presentation: So many bands play for one of 3 categories and audiences. The Blacks, The Whites, or The Kids. Musicole is an Equal Opportunity Entertainment company. So many bands learn their material, get their dates, and perform as a “Live” jukebox. Well Musicole refuses to be apart of that nameless cover band garbage. The Band will stand out by utilizing a dazzling array of lighting effects. For this band, the actual performance will be laced with different “well rehearsed” audience raps and routines. It will be very important we entertain our audiences with sincerity as opposed to simply playing the latest dance hits.

Bookings: Our ultimate goal is to work approximately 250-300 dates a year. A major effort will be undertaken to pick the top 20 venues within the region and keep returning to build a strong following of fans, local media, and of course club owners, and casinos ensuring a rising in performance fees.

Within the next two years I'd like to perform 20 days each month
in halls ranging from 100-500 seats.
My fees will be $800 per gig on the low end to $2500 on the high end with average ticket prices of $12.00. I will have self-produced 1 CD and get it distributed on CDBABY with downloads
of individual songs available on iTunes through CDBABY.

Forty weeks on the road is maximum. With 4 to 5 nights the upper limit in  terms of road work. To begin we are going to move towards weekends, school gigs, private parties, and concert settings will be used when available.

Promotion: There will be a major emphasis placed on obtaining publicity in print, radio, and where appropriate, television. Using a series of news releases, personal visits, and interviews on the musician's part a relationship will be built with the media particularly in the cities where we continue to play return engagements.  

Recording/DVD/CD: One of the most important goals of the band is to mature as a recording unit as opposed to simply being a great live act. I have learned through experience that the way to do this is to return to the studio approximately every 3 to 4 months to cut one or two songs. By coming back to record on a regular basis as rather than cutting all ten to twelve songs at once, the band learns and gels together in the recording process. Eight to ten months into the project, we expect to begin to release a Cd. It will be used as a promotional tool as well as to fund further projects.
Band Business: Once a month there will be a band business meeting where everyone is expected to attend. Financial records will be made available when appropriate for inspection. Future plans will be discussed as well as past performances. This is a business. Musicians need not spend a lot of time running the business but they must be aware of what's going on.

Final Summary: Musicole w/Michael C. is specifically designed to move your career in an orderly and profitable manner in what is for the most part an industry with very little clear cut parts to success. We believe that by being highly organized, realistic and desires and by combining like-minded people we work together for the common good of Musicole w/Michael C.

I, on behalf of the musicians, management staff, and all other involved persons to date, we sincerely hope you'll feel confident in joining our team.

Michael Coleman

Press Photos

Musicole "Live"

Musicole "Live"

Musicole 2018

Musicole 2018

Musicole Necklace

Musicole Necklace