Musicole w/Michael C./Kool Fire
                                                                                                                          Contract Rider:

This contract is for the personal services____________________ (herein called the Artist) and_______________________(herein called purchaser). For the engagement described below made this_____day of_______20___.

Between Michael Coleman the Artist, and ________________________The Purchaser.

Rider attached to and made part of contract dated_____________________ Between Michael Coleman and______________________ Herein referred to as “Employer”.

Group 1:Michael Coleman
Equipment Provided: Guitar Amp-Fender Twin, Roland JC120,
                                      Vocal Mic: 1x Shure 58
                                      Amp Mike: 1x Shure 57 or Direct Box

Group 2: Keyboards
Keyboard 1:Electric Grand Piano

Group 3: Drums
6 piece Yamaha, Pearl, Sonar, Mapex, Tama are acceptable.

Group 4: Bass
Hartke or Ampeg Bass Amp-1 x 2-10” Cabinet
                                1 x 15 Cabinet

Group 5: Vocals: 4 Shure 58 Vocal Mics

6 Senheiser Drum Mics

Purchaser will provide all Back line equipment and sound and lights, unless other arrangements are made. The Artist can provide house monitor engineer if necessary.
The recording, reproduction, or transmission of Artist's performance is prohibited without written consent of Artist.
Artist will provide Purchaser with complete layout of stage and equipment and monitor set up.
Purchaser agrees to have stage crew and or roadies properly set stage according to Artist expectations.
Purchaser is to provide a Fruit basket and complete sandwich tray with cold cuts and turkey slices, white and wheat bread preferred. Sodas and Juice is also to be provided. (Pepsi, Coke, Slice, Sprite, Cranberry and Orange Juice and Ice Tea).
No Alcohol of any kind is to be provided. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Place of Venue:___________________________

Dates of Performance:_________________________

Times: Load in:__________   Sound Check:___________

Performance Times:_________PM/AM

Sound & Lights:____________Yes  No_______

Backline Equipment:Yes______ No_______

Compensation(Wages) $____________

Lodging: Rooms_____Yes , How Many______ No______

Meals:Yes______ How Many?______ No______

Transportation:Yes_____ No______ How Many?_______

Merchandising Paraphernalia by artist will be sold on the following terms.
          All merchandise will be submitted by Artist and all proceeds from sales will be        exclusively the Artist responsibility.  

Purchaser will provide Sound & Lights unless otherwise agreed on.
The Artist will provide House and Monitor engineer and Light Tech.

 Artist shall have the right to have representation shall have the right to examine box office records and receipts relating to the performance only.
Artist's obligations under this agreement are subject to detention or prevention of sickness, accident, riots, strikes, epidemics, or any other Act of God which could endanger the health or safety of the artist.
Either party may cancel this agreement without obligation to other if notice is received 30 days advance of the performance.
Purchaser is to provide a Fruit Basket and complete sandwich tray tray with cold cuts, and turkey or Ham slices, white and wheat bread preferred. Sodas and Juice is also to be provided. (Pepsi,Cranberry, and Orange Juice, and Ice Tea). No Alcohol of any kind is to be provided. NO EXCEPTIONS!

 In whereof, the parties sign this contract this_____Day of____2016.  




City & State_________________________

Zip_________  Phone#_________________




City & State__________________________

Zip__________ Phone#_________________


Musicole w/Michael C.
'aka' "Kool Fire"

Musicole w/Michael C. 'aka' "Kool Fire"